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Creator- Kent Beck (Pronounced leading proponent of TDD)

Agile Principles - XP Model

· Communication. Agile models promote communication between the team and the project stakeholders as well as between members on the team.

· Simplicity. Developers should know models are critical for simplifying both software and the software process—it’s much easier to explore an idea, and improve upon it as your understanding increases, by drawing a diagram or two instead of writing tens or even hundreds of lines of code.

· Feedback. Kent Beck noted - “Optimism is an occupational hazard of programming, feedback is the treatment.” By communicating your ideas through diagrams, you quickly gain feedback, enabling you to act on that advice.

· Courage. Courage is important because you need to make important decisions and be able to change direction by either discarding or refactoring your work when some of your decisions prove inadequate.

· Humility. The best developers are humble, recognizing they don't know everything, that their fellow developers, their customers, and in fact all project stakeholders also have their own areas of expertise and have value to add to a project

Twelve XP Principles

1.      Coding Standard

2.      Collective Ownership – CRC(Class,

         Responsibility and Collaboration)

3.      Continuous Integration

4.      On-site Customer

5.      Pair Programming

6.      Planning Game

7.      Refactoring

8.      Short Releases

9.      Simple Design

10.    Sustainable Pace

11.    System Metaphor

12.    Test-driven Development

Extreme programming activities

 1. Coding

 2. Testing

 3. Listening

 4. Designing

Kent Beck